Wednesday, October 6, 2010

predictably, no follow up on the last post

but hey, i am trying you know. some interesting things happened in the last couple of weeks. While i did not end up going out on the day of the last post because the weather inexplicably took a turn for the worse, I did do the long-fellow bridge-memorial drive-storrow drive-harvard bridge walkathon a couple of times. will post the route soon. If you are in the Boston area, and the weather is good, you should definitely do the walk/jog sometime. After the lake shore drive in Chicago, this is one of the more scenic, urban walking route I have been on.
More interesting news, I got a 50mm f/2 zuiko lens as a wedding gift from my brother. Absolutely fabulous glass ware. Been playing around with it ever since. Unfortunately, blogger isnt allowing me to upload pictures here for some reason. So will have to do it some other time. (I guess its the large file size.)
in other news, I will be going to NY two weeks from now, looking forward to that.

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