Saturday, September 18, 2010

logged in to my blog post after a really really long time. cant believe my last post was way back in '07!!!
plenty has changed since then... for starters, I am now married. :). I moved out of ann arbor, based off of Atlanta now. Spending this semester in Cambridge-MA, working in the Media Lab as a visiting student.
reason for coming back to blogging.. trying to keep a daily journal of sorts, hoping to jot down all the mundane stuff until once in a while something interesting happens. So keep looking out for those instances in what I promise will be mostly unremarkable blog entries. fingers crossed, lets see how long this will last.
Will keep this blog short.
Came into lab, for a teleconference that didn't last nearly as long as i had expected. its a beautiful saturday afternoon. not one to be spent cooped up in the basement lab filled with patch rigs. so I have decided to do a boston walkathon/photo marathon. will update pictures once I get back.