Thursday, October 4, 2007

little drops of water

Its been almost a year now, that i had decided i needed to upgrade from my C750UZ. the logical step forward was of course a D-SLR. The only problem was that good D-SLR's didn't come cheap. Thus began a year long attempt at trying to save up money to get myself one.
To start off, I did make good progress. I had with me, the earning of a semester's grading job, all saved up in the bank. needing 300$ more, i decided to celebrate and took off to NY, December last year. -300. save up again till February, -300, spring break visit to DC. Finally in April, when i should have started saving up a substantial amount, summer ushered in a season of endless partying, where i literally 'spirited' most of my savings. I started off again this semester, coming back to lovely Ann arbor, with better earnings, determined to get myself one by the end of this year.

That was until two weeks ago. I was walking back from GGB one sunny Thursday evening, when i noticed the first signs of autumn. leaves turning yellow. A leaf here, a leaf there, falling off, bringing back vivid memories of last fall. I decided to then take the plunge finally, borrowed a little money from my father, and got myself a one. A sleek and black Olympus E510! :). I have hardly been able to contain my excitement since then.I took a few test shots at the kitchen sink. having no external flash equipment meant, me and nikil had to improvise, using aluminum foil on study lamps. something that left kundan a little bemused after he came home from work.

anyway, here are the results of my first attempt at high shutter speed photography. A little too grainy. i forgot to change the ISO settings, and by the time i did realize that, i sensed nikil had gotten a little bugged dropping ink and ketchup on the bowl. so called it quits. while I would not put them up on flickr, i decided my first SLR definitely needed a blog dedicated to it. For people just starting off with their SLR's i think this is a really good exercise to understand the Shutter priority mode. i have already learned a lot since evening.