Saturday, March 10, 2007

peace at day break

A full bladder and a thumping head. that retching sensation deep down in your guts. legs that refuse to move.I hear water splashing in the bathroom. my roomie completing the background score singing "main hoon DON!!" even as he jerks off fantasizing about wataru-chan's big breasted tutors. I lie still looking around,contemplating the day ahead.robotics project.. mail biju tell him i will be late. work in the lib. who's giving me a break today? LB? aah! lovely LB and her pears. should be fun. as always. i reach for my laptop.log in. windows startup's is as irritating as ever. reminds me of wat steve jobs said. MS cant make products with culture.hehe culture my pseudo brit arse. i grope around for my mobile. check for missed calls. nothing.. as usual. stopped bothering me sometime back. Nana was supposed to call. maybe he was busy? probably tomorrow? my bladder reaches another threshold. currently there are more important things to worry about. like dying due to a burst bladder. more urgency. i hear the bathroom door open. can smell his mint flavor shampoo.
legs.. legs.... do u hear me. bladder bhaiyya needs a break. can we go to the bathroom now.??
hmm lets see. wat happens if we dont comply?
how bout a burst bladder! u wretched morons !!!
easy old guy. we know u are under immense pressure. hehehehehhe.
hell lets go bitch.
no u move first.
no u move.
i am on the wrong side.
oh well watever.
All conflicts settled, i make my way to the kitchen. how bout a little pre-brush snack?
haah.... sniff...
haah.... sniff...
yuck not today.
i see hunter prying around. suddenly decides to make a dash to the bathroom. not so fast. a hundred stones weighing me down, i reach before him.shutting the door. then a golden fountain. and a trickle. the flush. the coreolis effect. PEACE.


Deepika Vasudevan said...

The nicest way i have head pee being described EVER. Lets see how long this blogspot lasts.

Prashant Das said...

hahaha...u just reminded me of the days in hostel.. and yes i have plenty of time here to kill...

Anonymous said...

good work keep it up...